Never too much Boberry!

My god.

Most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. 😍

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Big Cutie Britt and I had SO much fun shooting together today. So much pizza and cupcakes were consumed and my bed is full of delicious frosting. You are all in for a treat once these babies post!


BigCutie Beccabae is Your Fat Sweetheart!

We love this sweet Valentine’s set from Beccabae…she looks so divine in her tight undies, and we love seeing the little candy shapes stretched across her butt! She’s got lots of little sweets to eat, and lots of soft milky fat bits to show off!

See this set and more at http://beccabae.bigcuties.com


Roxxie lookin’ might Foxy!

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I’m fat. I’m jiggly. It’s hot. Protip: click the gif. The frame rate’s a lot better. I get a lot jigglier. :P